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Instead of introducing an Artist ...
As a young journalist – Editor in Chief of the Inflight Magazine - I was working in the 90-ies for the Hungarian Airlines, thus got the opportunity to travel quite extensively. This interest in travels has never faded away ... My trips involved meetings with and discovering unique people, recognizing and admiring unbelievable nature and landscapes. As a result, I have quickly realized to what extent our Earth, the surrounding nature with its great flora and fauna are important for us. 
Though I truly love living in and enjoying my own home country, following to my husband’s business postings abroad I’ve joined him and spent almost 15 years out of Hungary. We lived in Sweden, Israel and Belgium gaining unique inspirations and learning interesting lessons from these experiences.
Having spent 10 years in Stockholm I was lucky to meet and study with my famous artist-compatriot Endre Nemes, Professor at Gothenburg University whose visions and instructions inspired me a lot. I have started painting in oil on canvas some 30 years ago and tried to follow my teacher's wise advice to focus on details of great landscapes, clean and glittering rivers, enormous lakes and the Baltic Sea, of course. I also like to paint interesting people, their eyes and faces which I started capturing on my canvas, too. I have had solo exhibitions and group shows in Hungary, Sweden, Israel, Austria, Belgium, Romania, USA, Canada and Italy.
I am happy when depicting beautiful meadows with flowers, conveying the mood of forest roads in summer afternoon or winter time, when showing hills and mountains, running waters in different shapes. In my view they are the real expressions of our beloved world which needs to be safeguarded and well-preserved for the future generations!
In addition let me mention that as activists in a local environmental organisation - together with my big family - we usually undertake enormous efforts not only to show our interest but to do really much for saving our Planet clean and liveable!
I wish you a great day and thank you for your interest in my artworks!                           
Kind regards from Budapest,
Nora Komoroczki  (Mano, the Artist) 
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Bukk mountains (Hungary) by MANO