"Nature of our Earth is fantastic and wonderful, that we have to preserve for ourselves and for the future generations,too. As a Hungarian painter I love to paint interesting people, admire and care of wonderful nature, try to capture the best moments and show them on my artworks." 

As a Hungarian journalist (in my earlier capacity as Editor in Chief of the Hungarian Airlines Inflight Magazine, and later as Regional Director of Scandinavia and the Baltic States) I could travel quite extensively, thus managed to visit wonderful places around the world and meet interesting people that inspired me to a great extent. I lived abroad with my family for several years, where I began painting, attended artistic courses in Budapest and Stockholm.

My paintings are in oil on canvas. My artist name is: Mano, as I sign my paintings. I admire, care of the nature, and try to capture its beauty on my canvas. I love to paint the lights dancing on the surface of a lake or sea, the eyes and face of interesting people, special moments of our days or of our old history, and everything that inspires me.

You can find my artworks in a number of international art books, like „International Contemporary Masters XIII.” published in the USA, the bilingual German book, „Excellent Art 2020”, the Spanish art book titled „ModPortrait 2019", the art book published in the US in 2022, "Important World Artists 2022", "Art from Leonardo da Vinci to today"- 2023,, "Contemporary Celebrity Masters"- 2023, "Michelangelo- The Genius of Italy"-2023.,   just to mention a few.

I had several solo exhibitions of my paintings in Sweden, Israel, Italy and Hungary, participated in group shows in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Hungary and USA – in Los Angeles and New York. 20 of my artworks are currently being presented at Artifact’s Gallery an on-line flat screen in Manhattan during 2 years, in 2022-2023. Some of my paintings could be seen in Rossocinabro Gallery in Rome in 2022, in Torino’s MIIT Museo starting in October. I had an exhibition in the heart of Vienna, at Steiner Gallery in October, 2022. The latter Gallery represented me at the New York International Art Fair 2023. I took part in the MEAM Museum in Barcelona at a Biannale in November, the Louvre Exhibition in Paris, and the Segnaletti London Exhibition in Espacio Gallery London in December, 2022. My paintings can be seen in the Paks Gallery in Vienna and Munich. The Gallery was representing me at the Basel Biennale and Cannes Biennale in May, 2023. I had a solo exhibition with 21 paintings in the Galleria Ilcollezionista in the heart of Rome between 30th June-13th July , 2023.

I was awarded by several prestigious international prizes e.g.  ATIM Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2019 in USA, Power of Creativity International Art Prize 2021, UK, Art Olympic Prize 2021- Italy, Voices of Tomorrow - Art Award Winner 2022, Winner of Collectors’ Vision International Art Award- UK- 2021  and 2023, Circle Foundation Juried Affiliate Artist - UK,  Power of Creativity International Art Prize, 2021 - UK, "Award Winner: Artist of the Future" - 2021, USA , International Art Prize Leonardo Da Vinci 2022 - Florence, International Prize Caravaggio, Great Master of Art 2022 - Milan, Poseidone International Art Prize 2022, Lecce, Italy, La Palma d’Oro Art Prize in Monte Carlo in fall 2022, Menelao International Art Award 2022 - Italy, Faces of Peace International Art Prize - 2022. Art Curator Magazine, Trophy International Art Prize – Paris (Effeto Arte - 2022),  The Best Modern and Contemporary Masters London Prize, 2022, London,  Premio Leonardo da Vinci Prize 2023 – International Art Critical Contribution – ArtExpo Gallery, 3rd Biennale Cesenatico, Italy, Michelangelo International Art Prize-2023,  1st International Prize Donatello 2023, Florenze, Italy, 1* Premio Master of Art "Caravaggio" 2023, Bergamo, Italy, "International Prix Coupe du Monde Des Arts" 2023, Montecarlo, Picasso Art Prize -Montecarlo, 2023., "International Prize Pegasus for the Arts" 2023, Venice, "Trofeo Leone d'Oro" -2023, Venice, "World Best Artists Prize" -2023, Palermo, Silver Cross of Merit State Award, 2023,  Oscar Prize of Creativity - 2023, Ambassador of Art- 2024., Botticelli International Art Prize, 2024.- just to mention a few....

I'm very proud: my paintings are published in the London based Vanity Fair Magazine (Condé Nast) March, April and May, 2024. Issues.